Ways on Preventing Yellow Jackets in Rutherford County, Tennessee

yellow jackets rutherford county tn

6 Ways on Preventing Yellow Jackets

  1. Trim back trees and bushes in your yard since yellow jackets typically build nests in these areas. Cutting back overgrown vegetation can reduce the chances of them nesting on your property.
  2. Keep outdoor areas free of food and drinks that can attract yellow jackets. Store garbage bins tightly lid and dispose of food scraps promptly, as well as pick up fallen fruit from trees to prevent yellow jacket infestations on your property.

3. Seal off any cracks or holes in siding and other parts of the home’s exterior to prevent yellow jackets from entering through these openings. It is also important to regularly check around windowsills, doorframes and other points where they may be able to squeeze in.

3 Additional Ways on Preventing Yellow Jackets

4. Avoid wearing sweet-smelling perfumes or colognes when outside as this could attract the attention of nearby yellow jackets looking for a sugary snack. Additionally, it is best not to wear bright colors or floral prints when outdoors since these can also attract their attention more than neutral colors such as black and brown would.

5. Install bug zappers or electric fly swatters around the yard since these can be effective at eliminating any stinging pests that come close enough to get zapped by the device’s electrical current. Be sure to check the area every few days for any dead insects that need to be removed before being eaten by wildlife like birds or lizards!

6. If a nest is found, it is important not to try and remove it yourself. Instead, hire a professional pest control company with experience dealing with yellow jackets in Rutherford County, Tennessee. Who can safely eliminate them without putting anyone at risk of getting stung multiple times! You should also consider baiting out the nest. Using an insecticide bait system specifically designed for use against social wasps like yellow jackets. So that you don’t have to come into contact with them directly during removal efforts!

Prevent Problems with Yellow Jackets by Using Pyramid Pest Control

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